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Suruchi Industries, Baroda, is into development of various Safety gadget and into Safety Consultancy and provides their services to various industries in Gujarat for the better implementation of safety in all spheres of work and life.

What is an e-kit?

An E-kit as it is called is an emergency kit designed and developed for safe operation to stop the leakage that occurs accidentally on the vessel particularly transport vessels carrying hazardous gases. [CCE approval no.: PV(S)G/2000]

When the tankers are traveling on the roads, due to some accident, external means or due to the breaking of the baffles, they damage the SRV and the SRV leaks off. On site there is no other immediate available mode whereby the leakage through the SRV could be stopped. In such cases this emergency kit is very useful. The Person attending the tanker can immediately wear the goggles, gloves and the fume mask and along with fixture and the spanner can mount on to the location of the SRV, place the fixture, tighten the studs and thus prevent the hazardous gas from leaking.

The fixture is designed so as to suit all the prevailing sizes of the SRV head.

Similarly if there is leakage through the breakage of the pressure gauge, the operator can unscrew the broken end of the pressure gauge and fix the new pressure gauge provided with the kit. An additional adopter is provided to facilitate the fixing of the smaller pressure gauge in the pressure gauge EFV (part of hardware box).

Flange gaurd with lining of special rubber is provided to prevent leakage from the ball valve/bend flange joint. It is an easy strap-on type guard. Also special rubber ring with guard is provided for EFV threads.

Other accessories provided in the hardware box are gasket packing, bleeders for Rotogauge & fixed level gauge, M-Seal, Teflon tape, Emry paper.

In case of Leakages take following precautions:

  1. Stop the vehicle and isolate the isolation switch.
  2. Do not lit matchstick /cigar etc. or any fire nearby.
  3. Do not hammer of do any thing which might give a spark.
  4. Immediately wear the Human safety gadgets provided in the kit and use the correct mode of stopping the leakage with the help of the items provided in the kit.
  5. In case of moving the tanker to a safe location. Even with the fixture ON the SRV head, you can move the tanker but make sure all studs on the fixture are tightened.